Voltage optimisation

Around 90% of UK buildings use more electricity than they actually need - simply because their power is not optimised. Voltage Optimisation is a way of reducing incoming mains voltage without affecting the performance of your electrical equipment.




Most electrical equipment in the UK is designed and manufactured to operate most effectively at 220V, however most buildings on average are supplied voltage at 240V, You are paying for up to 15% more electricity than you need and at the same time, emitting up to 15% more CO2.
Energy efficiency is one of the most important issues in the world today. With carbon emissions at increased levels and electricity costs increasing by up to 30%, businesses must be made aware of solutions which will assist in their quest to lower their electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions.

By installing a voltage optimiser, not only are you saving money and reducing your carbon footprint but also prolonging the life of your machinery, A regulated and managed voltage can resolve plant machinery and electrical problems caused by voltage spikes.

Having installed over 300 Voltage Optimisation Units for major companies, Hague Electrical have a wealth of experience in this field. See our banner of satisfied clients one of them being Number 10 Downing St.

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